Thursday 3rd November

Sino-EU Bio-Natural Gas/Biogas industry development and policy interpretation

  • Industry outlook and Market Analysis of Natural Gas
  • Prospect analysis of mineral fertilizer and organic fertilizer industry
  • Circular Agriculture and Bio-Natural Gas
  • Prospect Analysis of Sino-EU bio-natural gas industrial Cooperation
  • New policy for Biogas transformation and upgrading in China
  • Development plan of Bio-Natural Gas in China
  • Bio-Natural Gas Development in Europe
  • China’s 13th Five-year Plan of Bioenergy
  • Construction plan of Bio-Natural demonstration zone in China

Friday 4th November

Sub-Forum I:


  • Bio-natural gas product quality and grid-injection standards
  • Bio-Natural gas environmental protection policy and standards
  • Chinese and European anaerobic fermentation technology and equipment
  • Chinese and European biogas upgrading technology and equipment
  • Feedstock pre-treatment technology and equipment
  • Effluent fertilizer application technology and equipment
  • Construction of internet monitoring system
  • Waste treatment and bio-natural gas
  • Domestic super-large scale biogas / bio-natural gas project operation experience sharing
Friday 4th November

Sub-Forum II:


  • Finance and industry innovative model of bio-natural gas
  • Sino-German Bio-natural gas strategic alliance
  • Sino-Italian Bio-natural gas collaboration platform
  • Discussion of profit model of Bio-natural gas/biogas project
  • Prospects of carbon trading in Bio-natural gas industry
  • Investment prospects analysis of fuel gas integration in urban and rural
  • The role of PPP for promoting Bio-natural gas/biogas
  • Experience sharing and investment prospects from international finance organization (WB, ADB)
Friday 4th November

Sub-Forum III:

B2BMatching Making

Business Meetings is a matchmaking event with the aim of establishing business opportunities with potential clients or partners in the international biomass sector.

Saturday 5th November

Short Tour for visiting biogas plants