Hebei JING An Bioenergy Technology Co., Ltd.

“Comprehensive treatment of pig manure from an annual slaughter of 200,000 pigs producing 2 MW biogas power generation "

The plant is based in Anping County, Hengshui city ,Hebei Province ( www.jinganshares.com).
The 2 MW biogas power generation project covers an area of 70 acres and a total investment of about 12.87 million yuan. It comprises 4 CSTR Mesophilic full mix anaerobic fermentation systems of 5000 cubic meters and 2 Mannheim Germany gas turbines of 1 MW each. The feedstock are the manure from 200,000 pigs and 50,000 tons of sewage sludge.
The Project has operated since December 2014 and the power generation systems were connected to the grid by the State Grid Hebei Electric Power Corporation in March 2015. The annual output is of 6.57 million cubic meters of biogas, the annual generation capacity is of 15.12 million KWh and the annual output is of 250,000 tons of organic fertilizer.
The project was listed by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance as "2014 Livestock manure and other agricultural rural waste utilization pilot project" and as a strategic emerging industries project of Hebei Province.