Presentations 3 November – Opening Day

Status of biogas development in the European Union and opportunities for international cooperation
Dr. Nicolae Scarlat, EUBCE Technical Programme Chairman, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate

Consideration and measurement of bio-natural gas development strategy in China
Prof. Dr. Zhou Hongjun, Dean, Institute of New Energy, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

Circular Agriculture and Bio-Natural Gas
Prof. Dr. Zhao Lixin, Deputy Director General, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering

Strategies for biogas production, upgrade and application in the context of EU bioeconomy
Dr. Andrea Salimbeni, Project Manager, European Biomass Industry Association

China industry outlook and market analysis of bio-natural Gas
Yuan Baorong , Director of low carbon development research center,CECEP Consulting Co.,Ltd

Sino-German biogas cooperation: History and future opportunities
Markus Wagner,Senior project manager,Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Germany ( Envitec) Biogas Technology and Application
Mr. Jorg Fischer,President, EnviTec Biogas AG

Garage-type dry fermentation technology sharing
Yang Qiao,GICON Advanced Environmental Technologies GmbH.

Prospect analysis of mineral fertilizer and organic fertilizer industry
Mr. Hu Lansong, Manager Planning department, China BlueChemical Ltd., CNOOC

Investment prospects analysis of fuel gas integration in urban and rural
Mr. Chi Guojing, Secretary general, China Gas Association